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The Michigan Department of Human Services State Emergency Relief (SER) Program paid out more than $3.95 million for burial assistance in fiscal year 2008.

This is 10.4 percent of the more than $38 million SER Program expenditures, which include assistance for burial, relocation, home ownership, home repairs, utility assistance, and heating fuel and electricity.

SER Burial Applications

To download the required Assistance Applications, follow this link.

State Emergency Relief Burial

The Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) State Emergency Relief (SER) program provides financial assistance to qualifying low-income individuals and families for burial, cremation or the costs associated with body donation to a medical school.

Only a DHS specialist can determine eligibility for “SER burial,” as the program is called. The amount for which you may be eligible depends on a variety of factors, including the number of people in your household, income and assets.

If you believe you may qualify for assistance, complete the required DHS applications and select a funeral home that works with SER burial program clients. The funeral director will provide a contract (showing the total cost of the funeral service) and a DHS-required price quote, the sum of which cannot exceed a predetermined amount.

Application must be made after a death occurs but no later than 10 calendar days after the burial, cremation or donation takes place.

For detailed information, click to the Department of Human Services Burial Services page.

Maximum Payments as of June 2009
Service Payment to Funeral Director Cemetery or Crematory Vault
Fetus or infant under age 1 month $100 $45 $0
Burial with memorial service $455 $145 $100
Burial without memorial service $220 $145 $100
Cremation with memorial service $455 $145 $0
Cremation without memorial service $220 $145 $0
Transportation of donated body $0.32 per mile up to $176 $0 $0
Maximum payment where irrevocable funeral agreement (8A) exists $0 $145 $100