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Nationwide, the average charge for a full-service funeral is $7,755 excluding cemetery costs. (Source: National Funeral Directors Associaton)

Who Owns It?
Find out if your local funeral provider is owned by a for-profit corporation by clicking on the following links:

Service Corporation International (SCI)

Dignity Memorial

Why a Price Survey

A funeral home is a business. Each business owner follows a business model. The models range from opulent, expensive services to modest, low-cost services. The majority fall somewhere in between.

The choice of business model, and its associated overhead costs, leads to significant variations in the prices charged for goods and services—even in the same neighborhood.

Unfortunately, too many consumers don't shop around. They end up spending hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars more than they would have wanted to if they'd been more knowledgeable.

FCIS supports your right to choose the type of services that meet your particular needs and budget. As our name suggests, we're focused on helping funeral consumers become savvy consumers no matter what your budget.

Hence, the FCIS Funeral Home Price Survey. On an ongoing basis, we request general price lists, or GPLs, from funeral homes. We compile that information so that you can conveniently compare prices in an instant.

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