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About Funeral Law

After-death-care and disposition issues are addressed in the Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL), the Penal Code, and the Michigan Administrative Code Rules.

The compiled laws are set forth by the legislative branch.

The administrative code rules are set forth by the executive branch. Administrative rules are an agency's written regulation, statement, standard, policy, ruling, or instruction that has the effect of law.

Comprehensive Listing
of Funeral-Related Law

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Michigan Compiled Law, or MCL, Statutes:
Administrative Code:
Penal Code:

MCL Statutes

Chapter 52, Coroners-Medical Examiners, 52.86-52.216

of 1846
Revised Statutes of 1846 (52.86-52.87)
Act 345
of 1919
Act 143
of 1945
Transfer of Coroner's Duties to Health Officer (52.141-52.146)
Act 181
of 1953
County Medical Examiners (52.201-52.216)

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Chapter 123, Demonstrations at Funeral Services

Act 152
of 2006
Ordinance; additional provisions. (123.1113)

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Chapter 328, 328.201-328.235

Dead Human Bodies, 328.201-328.204
Act 70
of 1954
Agreements for Disposition of Dead Human Bodies
Prepaid Funeral & Cemetery Sales, 328.211-328.235
Act 255 of 1986 Prepaid Funeral & Cemetery Sales Act (328.211-328.235)

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Chapter 333

Health, 333.1031-333.25211
Act 90
of 1992
Determination of Death Act (333.1031-333.1034)
Act 193 of 1996 Michigan Do-Not-Resuscitate Procedure Act
Act 687 of 2002 Born Alive Infant Protection Act (333.1071-333.1073)

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Public Heath Code, 333.1101 - 333.25211
Act 368
of 1978
Public Heath Code (333.1101-333.25211)
Administration, Vital Records, 333.2801-333.2899
Act 368 of 1978,
Article 2
Vital Records (333.2801-333.2899)
Anatomical Gits, 333.10101-333.10123

Act 368 of 1978, Article 10-101

Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Law (333.10101-333.10123)

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Disposition of Human Body Parts, 333.10201-333.11101
Act 368 of 1978, Article 10-102 Disposition of Human Body Parts
Environmental Health, 333.13801-333.13831
Act 368 of 1978, Article 12 Medical Waste (333.13801-333.13831)

Chapter 338 State License Fee Act, 338.2243

Act 152 of 1979 Practice of mortuary science, operator of funeral establishment, resident trainer, embalmer, or funeral director; fees. (338.2243)

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Chapter 339 Occupational Code, Mortuary Science, 339.1801-339.1812

Act 299 of 1980,
Article 18
Mortuary Science (339.1801-339.1812)

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Chapter 500 The Insurance Code of 1956

Act 218
of 1956
Limited death benefit policy (500.2080)

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Chapter 700 Estates and Protected Individuals Code, 700.1101-700.8206

Act 386 of 1998-III-2 Right and Power to Make Decisions About Funeral Arrangements and Handling, Disposition, or Disinterment of Decedent's Body; Presumption; Priority; Shared Rights and Powers; Personal Representative or Nominated Personal Representative; Guardian; Special Personal Representative; Additional Persons; Reasonable Attempt to Locate Person; "Nominated Personal Representative" Defined (700.3206)

Act 386 of 1998-III-2

Petition; Venue; Hearing Date; Notice of Hearing; Funeral Establishment as Petitioner; Factors to be Considered in Court Decision (700.3207)
Act 386 of 1998-III-2 Funeral Establishment not Civilly Liable (700.3209)
Act 386 of 1998-VI Special Personal Representative; Appointment (700.3614)
Act 386 of 1998-VI Time of Accrual of Duties and Powers (700.3701)

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Administrative Code

Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics

Completion, Filing, and Registration of Vital Records Documents
Vital Records Documents; Public Inspection and Copying
Amendments to Vital Records
Disinterment - Reinterment

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Bureau of Epidemiology

Transportation and Disposition of Dead Bodies

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Bureau of Laboratories

R 325.951
Anatomical Gifts

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Board of Examiners in Mortuary Science

Mortuary Science Licensure Education Requirements

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Penal Code

Chapter 750 Dead Human Bodies

Section 750.160 Disinterment, mutilation, defacement, or carrying away of human body; exception.
Section 750.160a Photograph of decedent located in human grave prohibited; exceptions; definitions.
Section 750.160b Violation of MCL 750.160a as felony; penalty.
Section 750.160c Prohibited acts; violation; exceptions; “final disposition of a dead body” defined.

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