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Historically, those who assisted families in carrying out a home funeral usually did so as a free community service. Do you believe that today's home-funeral guides should also donate their time and effort or should they be able to charge a fee? (The FCIS 2012 Egress newsletter addresses this topic on page 7.) Follow this link to VOTE!

Do you believe that Michiganians should have the right to care for our own dead, if we so choose, without being required by law to pay for the services of a licensed funeral director? Follow this link to VOTE!

Closed Poll Results:

Should funeral directors fully disclose the process of embalming so clients can make an informed decision?

Total Votes: 70

Advice You Can Trust

Funeral Consumers Information Society, also known as FCIS, is a volunteer-run nonprofit that has been dedicated to helping Michiganians make dignified, meaningful and affordable funeral arrangements since 1961.

In 2006, our mission expanded to advocate for the re-establishment of family rights in after-death care, including family-led home funerals, and to foster sustainable environmental practices, such as green burial, in the state.

FCIS helps consumers help themselves through education and guidance. We provide free informational pamphlets on a broad range of funeral-related topics, community-awareness presentations, consultations, funeral-home price surveys, consumer-rights advocacy, preplanning forms and much more.

FCIS is one of more than 100 similar groups across the country affiliated with the national Funeral Consumers Alliance, the only nonprofit watchdog over the American funeral industry. FCIS has no attachment to the funeral industry or any religious group. Our membership is open to all Michigan residents.

Simply put, we are a group of people who have learned about planning funerals through personal experience and self-education, and we would like to share our knowledge with you.